RE: Why University Is The Best Place To Start A Games Company

I recently read a blog post by Daniel Sefton on Gamasutra (originally from #altdevblogaday) about why university is the best place to start a games company. As a current (almost finished) university student who has been involved in a startup with a group of friends from my course, I can absolutely attest to the general idea that is being pushed …

The Art of Game Design

I’ve never really discussed much about books on this blog. I love the fact that there are some fantastic books around about games, design, art and programming, and I myself own many – even some out of left field, such as “The Elements of Style”. Textbooks for most subjects tend to be fairly pricey, and generally universities don’t even recommend …

The Problem of Infrastructure

With about 6 years of modding and game development experience under my belt, I’ve been involved with my fair share of teams over the past 6 years, either on a regular basis or for once-off help. One thing that has constantly struck me – especially in recent times – is how little care most teams take in their configuration management …

UDK Roundtable Discussions posted

I was recently involved in a UDK community initiative called The UDK Developers Roundtable. The Roundtable were a couple of live Q&A sessions which were then published into a chat. The first group involved UDK Enthusiasts, and the second were the ‘Pros’ – people who had worked for games studios, placed well in Make Something Unreal, or just generally had …

A flexible approach to design documents

I used to be a huge advocate for extensive, detailed design documents. I even made a comment in my NightFall Post-Mortem document about design docs: If a developer has to ask you things about the mod other than your opinion of work, you haven’t done your job as a designer. A design doc should outline EVERYTHING a person needs to …

DIYGamer pimps Means of Escape

After the announcement of Means of Escape a few weeks ago, we were surprised to see the game pimped on DIYGamer. A massive thanks to these guys, it gave us a warm fuzzy feeling to see that the game is out there and getting positive comments. Check out there short article here.

Means of Escape trailer released!

Pub Games today released the first trailer for their work-in-progress title, Means of Escape. You can view it on YouTube. Make sure to check out the Pub Games website when you’re done!

Pub Games & New Video Tutorials

Pub Games, a Melbourne-based indie studio, has finally announced its first project, Means of Escape. You can check out our website here. I’ve also finished several more video tutorials in my UDK AnimTree video tutorial series, including a tutorial on custom nodes, and how to play upper-body animations. You can check out the tutorials here.

More UDK Video Tutorials completed

Two new AnimTree video tutorials are now up. You can grab them here and here. Tutorial 1 has also been re-done after some feedback. Keep an eye on this thread on the UDK forums for updates. I’ll make a proper page here soon for the tutorials. You can also view them on the UDK Wiki.

New Blog & UDK Video Tutorials

Welcome to the new-look and still-not-often updated! *cheer* My site has been down for a long time, mostly due to me really not caring too much about maintaining it and having nothing to blog about. However, with some recent developments in my life, there is a small chance that I may start blogging again, for all of my 0 …