UnrealScript Tutorials

This consists of a handful of PDFs going through some basics of UnrealScript as well as basic mutator creation, basic weapons and basic gametypes. There may be some gaps in the content as it was a mix of Powerpoint slides, documents and working in a classroom with students. You can download a zip of the PDFs here.

Animation Tree video tutorial series

This video tutorial series is designed to explain the process of creating an Animation Tree for a character from start to finish in UDK. You can get the asset packages used in this tutorial here.

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Note that since these tutorials have been developed, there have been several changes in UDK or the AnimTree editor that are not represented in these tutorials. I recommend that you read the UDN articles about animation trees and animation nodes alongside watching these tutorials.

Note that these tutorials only cover a small subset of the features available in UDKs animation system. Foot placement, skeletal controls and lots of other nodes are not covered by these tutorials, so I encourage you to check out other resources such as UDN or the UDK forums for more information.

Part 1 – The Basics

This first tutorial introduces AnimTrees and what they are used for, and includes basic setup and configuration of the preview mesh and animset for use in the AnimTree editor. It also covers adding a basic walk and idle to the tree.

Part 2 – Notifies, Sync Groups, Blends

The 2nd part of the video tutorial series explains AnimNotifies and how to use them to play footsteps. It also covers Sync Groups and how we can use them to sync walk directions, using BlendBySpeed to blend between idle, walking and running animations depending on the characters speed, and how to add crouching animations.

Part 3 – BlendByPhysics, Jumping, Randomization

Part 3 of the tutorial series covers how to use the BlendByPhysics node to blend to different animations depending on the physics type that the Actor is currently using. It also covers how to add Jumping animations, and how to use AnimNodeRandom to randomize animations.

Part 4 – Aim Nodes

Part 4 of the tutorial series covers AimNodes and how we can add and configure an aiming profile for a certain weapon. It also covers how to update the active profile from UnrealScript.

Part 5 – Blends

Part 5 of the video tutorial series covers how to reference and update blends from code. It also covers the usefulness of BlendByList and how it can be utilized.

Download Part 5 (44mb) (Click here for Supplementary Material)

Part 6 – Custom Animation Nodes

Part 6 of the video tutorial series explains how to create custom animation nodes. It covers the creation of a custom Posture blend node to support standing, crouching and proning.

Download Part 6 (32mb) (Click here for Supplementary Material)

Part 7 – Script Hooks

Part 7 of the video tutorial series covers the basic script hooks such as BecomeRelevant, OnAnimEnd etc to detect changes in the characters animation state.

Download Part 7 (21mb) (Click here for Supplementary Material)

Part 8 – Slots

Part 8 of the video tutorial series covers how to use Slots for animating part of a characters body. It covers the creation of a TopHalfSlot (used for upper body animations) and a FullBodySlot (for the entire body). Finally, it explains how to access slots from script and play animations on them programmatically.

Download Part 8 (27mb) (Click here for Supplementary Material)

Part 9 – Blending per bone

Part 9 explains how to blend animations per bone and demonstrates how to set up reloading a weapon through the animation tree.

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  1. Timothy Hennessey

    Hey, thanks for the awesome tutorials; they helped soo much! Just curious though, how would you call the blending per bone from unrealscript? It’s probably really simple and Im just missing it. I’m guessing it would be by calling the ‘AnimNodeBlendPerBone’? Or would you just extend off of that class and create your one with your own code to change the value whenever you wanted?

  2. William

    2 dope 2 cope

    There are so many professional “Animation” tutorials on UDK (3dmotive EAT3d), but when they get to the topic of animtree’s they’re like “we wont be covering this in depth in this tutorial”….which is ridiculous considering how important they are.

    Thank you for providing the information, for free, that “professional paid tutorial resources” seem incapable of addressing.

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