My name is Matt Stafford, aka Wraiyth. I’m 26, from Victoria Australia, and I’m a programmer and game designer.

I graduated in 2011 from Swinburne University with a Bachelor of Science (Computer Science & Software Engineer) / Bachelor of Multimedia (Games & Interactivity).

I’ve been involved with modding and game development since I was a teenager. I was lead programmer & co-leader on NightFall (Half Life 2 mod) for several years, before co-founding a new team to work on CANVAS.¬†Several months into the development of CANVAS, I joined Team Chivalry to work on Age of Chivalry (Half Life 2 mod) and Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (UDK).

Since leaving Team Chivalry in mid-2010, I have been involved as Technical Director at Pub Games, working on various projects including BlastPoints. More recently, we released Primal Carnage: Extinction on PC, a title that Pub Games co-developed.

I specialize in development in the Unreal engine (UDK/UE3 and Unreal Engine 4) but I also have extensive experience in C/C++ and C#. I’m available for contract work, so feel free to contact me at wraiyth@gmail.com

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