UnrealScript Training Content

In 2012, I wrote and delivered a single subject at TAFE, replacing a teacher who was taking a semester off. The subject was a programming and in the past had focused on Java, but the TAFE was trying to bring Unreal into its curriculum more, so considered this subject as a trial of teaching UnrealScript.

The subject went reasonably well with some hiccups, but unfortunately the idea of teaching UnrealScript as one subject in the course didn’t take off, for a variety of reasons. It seems like a waste to do nothing with the content I had written, so I’m releasing them here.

It consists of a handful of PDFs going through some basics of UnrealScript as well as basic mutator creation, basic weapons and basic gametypes. There may be some gaps in the content as it was a mix of Powerpoint slides, documents and working in a classroom with students. You can download a zip of the PDFs here.

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