New Years Resolution

Every time I seem to make a pledge to blog more it never seems to actually work – at my current rate I write 3, maybe 4 blog posts a year which is definitely not enough.
I say it every year, but this year will be different. This time, I think I mean it. In the past year I’ve gone between several jobs, worked on contracts and prototypes at Pub Games that we couldn’t talk about. With a more stable job (teaching distance-ed full time) and involvement in Pub Games part-time working on a variety of projects this year.
One of the commitments that we tried making as a company when we first formed was to be open in the development process. When you look at a lot of the successful indies, they share a lot of things about their game as it progresses. Its part of the indie way of marketing – development blogs, progress screenshots and reports, and early access.

My challenge is managing what I talk about. What I work on is often technical, inside the guts of game mechanics or engine technology. Its solving problems that a lot of people have solved before, but just not in our context. That doesn’t necessarily make for interesting blogging, especially if I’m not showing code or anything like that.
Anyone who has read my blog in the past knows that I’m often long-winded and heavily opinionated. Writing these sorts of posts requires a lot of time, something really interesting to talk about, or something interesting I’ve read that I have an opinion on. This is one of the aspects I want to try to change – the occasional big opinion piece, but keeping the blog more regularly updated, even with small tech things, small discussions on what I’m working on, etc. It might not be the best opinion, or even an opinion at all. It might just be the way I’ve gone about solving a problem.

So that’s my New Years Resolution. To be a better, more regular blogger. Lets see if works out this year.

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